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Gateway Global, formerly known as Gateway Limousines, has been a leader in corporate and executive ground transportation in Cities Nationwide and Around-the-World since 1979.

Gateway Global originally began as a small weekend gig, working with the Sheraton Hotel at Fisherman's Wharf and catering mostly to tourists of San Francisco, the City by the Bay. With the exceptional services provided, business grew rapidly, and by 1982, Gateway Global had become a full-fledged venture, complete with an efficient office staff that provides 24-hour Reservations and Dispatch services, a team of highly trained chauffeurs, and on-site fleet mechanics.  All Gateway Global employees are carefully selected based on competence and professionalism.

The company continued to receive a high demand from tourists, but also saw significant growth in requests for corporate work.  Today, corporate and executive requests make up almost 90% of the business at Gateway Global. However, the company is not limited to corporate and executive work and also provides first-rate chauffeured ground transportation for special events such as weddings, tours, birthdays, proms and more.

Stepping up from being just a local ground transportation service, Gateway Global has built a strong and reliable affiliate network that allows the company to offer their "White Glove Services" to clients nationally and globally.

Awards & Recognition

Acknowledged as one of the best in this business, Gateway Global has received awards and recognition from associations of the ground transportation industry. Some of these include:

  • TLPA’s Chauffeur of the Year 2015
  • TLPA’s Chauffeur of the Year 2012
  • TLPA's Chauffeur of the Year 2011
  • TLPA's Chauffeur of the Year 2010
  • Boston Coach's Customer Service of the Year 2010
  • TLPA's Operator of the Year 2007
  • World Transportation's Affiliate of the Year 2005

Community Involvement

Every year, Gateway Global finds a way to give back to the community by contributing to schools, local events, cancer societies, and associations such as The Salesian Boys and Girls Club and other worthy causes such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Advanced Technology

Gateway Global features some of the most advanced technology in the industry in an effort to better serve its clients.  A few examples of this advanced technology include: digital communication between vehicles, computer tracking of all fleet vehicles, DriveCam Mobile Camera Systems that further implements safe driving, airline arrival and departure tracking, and computerized billing to fit your specific needs.