Health & Safety


The following steps have been instituted to preemptively ensure a safe and clean environment for Gateway Global customers, staff & affiliate partners.

All Staff & Chauffeurs are PRE-SCREENED

Chauffeurs, office and warehouse staff are checked for the following symptoms prior to the start of any shift and are not allowed to work if they show:



Shortness of Breath

A safe ride. A clean ride.


Chauffeurs must wear masks and gloves while on the job.

Vehicles are detailed and sanitized before and after each trip. The entire vehicle, including door handles, seats, seat-belts and controls, is sanitized with disinfectant.


Guidelines for Passengers

Please stay home if you feel unwell and only travel if necessary.

Travelers will be required to wear a facemask and will be available upon request.

Social distancing guidelines will be in place and will affect the number of passengers allowed per vehicle.



Chauffeurs will open and close all doors and trunks.

Chauffeurs will only assist with luggage if requested by passenger.


These best practice recommendations have been distributed to our affiliate partners as well.

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